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Who can help their parents legally enter the United States?

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2023 | Naturalization |

Immigration is a way for people to pursue a better life for themselves and for the people whom they care about the most. Those with the legal authorization to live in the United States of America can often use their presence in the country to help their closest loved ones. For example, someone who enters the United States with a work visa can often arrange to have their spouse and their minor children travel with them. Those with green cards and those who become naturalized citizens are also often in a position to help their loved ones enter the United States.

The relationship that someone has with family members in another country will determine what immigration options they can offer to others. Adult children with parents in another country may want to help their parents immigrate and enjoy their golden years in the United States, for example.

Only citizens can get green cards for their parents

Family-based immigration programs allow those with relatives in the United States to obtain visas and even green cards. Someone can become a permanent resident if they have a close family member already living in the United States. There are multiple options for spouses and children of citizens and also permanent residents.

There are fewer programs that help the parents of those lawfully living in the United States. In general, only United States citizens are in a position to secure a green card for their parents. Permanent residents and visa holders cannot directly sponsor parents for immigration opportunities. However, they may be in a position to offer guidance or financial support for their parents as they pursue other immigration opportunities.

For those who love their parents and want to reconnect with them in the United States, naturalization might be a worthwhile effort. If they pass the testing and interview process, they will have more options for reconnecting with their family members. Becoming a citizen is one of the best ways to increase the odds of successfully bringing one’s parents to live in the United States.