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Entry-level positions that many immigrants pursue

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If you’re one of many Texas residents who happen to be an immigrant who traveled long distances to get here, you likely have already overcome numerous challenges in your journey. Once you successfully cross a U.S. border, you may encounter all sorts of issues that you must resolve in order to start building a new lifestyle. For instance, you have to have a place to live. 

You may also be in need of employment, or maybe you came here through an employment-based visa and you need to meet with your employer and take care of paperwork and other issues to start your new job. Many immigrants work entry-level jobs when they first arrive in the United States. It’s critical that you have all your immigration documents in order when you begin seeking paid employment. If a legal status problem arises, it’s also important to know where to seek support.

Common jobs for people who emigrate from other countries

Perhaps you have a way of making people feel welcome when they come to visit, or you enjoy cleaning and making things look nice around the house. There are many jobs in the hospitality industry in Texas that might be a good fit for someone with your interests and skills. The following list includes other entry-level jobs that often attract newcomers to the U.S.:

  • If you have successfully obtained a license to drive in this state, you may be eligible to work in the transportation field. Perhaps driving a bus, a taxi cab or working as a private chauffeur would be a good job for someone in your position.
  • Are you often mending clothing for family members or friends? You may be able to get work as a seamstress or dressmaker, or perhaps even start a business of your own to provide such services to others.
  • Agricultural companies often hire immigrants. You might consider working on a farm, at a landscaping company or trying to get a job as a groundskeeper at a golf course or other country club.
  • Construction work, masonry, painting and maintenance jobs are available for little or no experience.

You might start out at one job and later transition to another. That is common in Texas and throughout the United States. In fact, some people change jobs 10 to 15 times throughout their lifetimes. As long as your immigration paperwork is in good order, you shouldn’t have much trouble seeking or changing employment.

If a legal problem arises

Numerous issues may impede your ability to hold down a job. For instance, if a police officer arrests you for DUI, you might incur a driver’s license suspension and have no means of transportation to get to work. If a question of legitimacy arises concerning your legal status, that can definitely cause problems for you at work.

Many immigrants seek support from attorneys who are well-versed in U.S. immigration law to help them overcome obstacles that place them at risk for deportation, losing a job or other serious immigration issues.