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Factors to keep in mind when your plan includes US employment

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2019 | Uncategorized |

You may be one of many potential immigrants whose ultimate goals include one day legally residing and working in Texas or another state. Perhaps you’ve heard numerous stories about others whose entries into the United States did not include proper paperwork, and you are hoping to avoid the serious legal problems they incurred when immigration officials discovered their undocumented statuses.   

A key to avoiding such problems is learning as much as you can ahead of time about U.S. immigration law, especially as it pertains to employment-based visas, as well as where to seek support if a problem arises. Laws are complex and often change, so it’s critical to stay updated and to adjust your plan as necessary. If you follow the rules and have a strong support system in place, you may be able to secure employment and become a productive member of your new community in the United States. 

Which type of visa do you need?   

It would nice if all you had to do to get a job in Texas or elsewhere in the U.S. is fill out a single application and await approval. To the contrary, there are many types of visas, and it is important to be able to determine which kind you need in your particular circumstances. Whether you plan on being a temporary worker or permanent resident in the United States determines which type of application you should submit

Even within those two categories, there are numerous types of visas, so it often helps to talk to someone well versed in U.S. visa programs to better understand which visa best fits your needs and ultimate immigration goals.  

Which industry should you pursue? 

Whether you’re a skilled or non-skilled worker has a lot to do with which field of employment you should try to get a job in as you make plans to begin your new life in the United States. You may find that you are qualified for more than one type of work, in which case you may want to consider those that currently provide the most opportunities for immigrant workers.  

Current data shows that information technology is a thriving industry for workers emigrating from other countries to the United States. Business and financial services, as well as manual labor positions, comprise a significant percentage of immigrant new-hires. It is always a good idea to explain to a prospective U.S. employer that you are legally eligible to work in this country and for how long. If you’ve already obtained a visa, you may also want to include your exact status on your resume or job application. 

If a problem arises 

There’s no guarantee, even if you do everything you’re legally required to do, that you will not encounter challenges or legal problems down the line as an immigrant worker in the United States. The best way to protect your status is to know your rights ahead of time and to stay closely connected with those who can act on your behalf to help rectify any obstacles that arise.