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Asylum facts you may need to know

One of the first things you should know about asylum is that not every person seeking it is eligible. The purpose of asylum is to protect those who are fleeing imminent danger or persecution in their countries of origin. You can request asylum at a border or entry location when you come to the United States. From there, you will take the next steps to obtain a legitimate immigration status as a refugee.  

Are you an undocumented immigrant who was a victim of crime?

Coming to the United States to build a new life in Texas may have been one of the most challenging events in your life. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your arrival, legal worries may have tempered your situation as well. If you are one of many whose paperwork was not in order when you crossed the border into this state, you may have encountered some risky situations as you put down roots and began to work toward your goals.

Make sure you get the green light at your green card interview

When you arrived in Texas to prepare for your wedding, you were likely a bundle of nerves. Although you were probably excited that your dreams were coming true, you may also have had reservations regarding all the challenges that lied ahead, such as adapting to life in the United States, becoming fluent in the English language, and facing any questions you might get regarding the fact that you are an immigrant and your soon-to-be spouse is a U.S. citizen.